Adaptive Risk Exposure System (ARES)

Using AI-powered predictive analytics, continuous monitoring and state of the art quantitative frameworks that adapt to market conditions, Collidr constantly scans your investments, detecting anomalous behaviour. Collidr provides powerful insights to improve future performance and risk outcomes.


Understand the current risk landscape and how your investments have been affected by historical market conditions.


Are you getting the diversification and risk benefits that your portfolios were built to achieve? See what instruments have contributed most and least to your risk and returns.

Behaviour anomaly detection

Understand how assets and investments have performed in different market regimes to identify whether they are currently behaving inline with expectations, now and in the future.

Market exposure

Decompose which markets your investments are exposed to using statistical analysis and scenario modelling to better understand the relationships between markets and your investments.

React and predict

Use machine learning and quantitative models to anticipate market changes, limit risks to your portfolios and maximise returns.

Trend, relative value and mean version tools

Identify short, medium and long term themes and trends to generate signals to identify strong and weak assets and investments.

Breach monitoring and prediction

Detect when portfolios are moving above or below the model’s accepted tolerance. Receive an immediate alert so that you can correct the breach.

Market exposure

Identify the best conditions and strategy to invest in an asset, understand when a market is moving between regimes and how to exploit that switch.

The Adaptive Risk Exposure System is connected to the Workflow and Alerting module allowing you to receive immediate alerts when anomalies and risks are detected.