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We provide digital investment management solutions to financial organisations through our app, Collidr.

Collidr provides cost effective, high impact, automation and digitalisation of your investment process. Centralising data, calculations and reporting which can be enriched by investment and risk intelligence modules to support investment decision making. Collidr makes managing and reporting on investments a white labelled, fully integrated, interactive experience.

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Trusted by industry professionals

“The quantitative research and rules based behavioural risk management tool that Collidr provides has been invaluable for our investment portfolio”
Chief Investment Officer
Family Office
“…a genuinely cutting edge investment proposition which has seen us win business from established private client banks and discretionary investment firms alike... we are glad to have Collidr as part of our armoury”
Managing Director
Investment Advisory Firms
“... working through Collidr and demonstrating the inner workings, science and methodology behind the funds has brought the investment funds alive in the eyes of the client... Our firm belief is that the entire process and investment offering is simply years ahead of the competition”
Investment Manager
Discretionary Fund Manager
“…we’re really pleased that they invest in Collidr and other cutting edge technology to support what they do. Collidr are clear specialists in this field and we’re stronger because of their ability to use technology to better challenge both us and the fund managers, which crucially leads to better outcomes for our clients”
Actuarial Consultants

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